Custom Orders

I am so delighted you've come to me for your ceramic ideas, wants & needs! Thank you!! So honored you thought of me. However, I'm no longer taking any new custom orders. My list of orders is about a year out and I'm excited to complete the orders that I have before adding new. I want each piece to be beautiful and meet your expectations and fill my soul while I make it, I hope you'll understand! 

Here's my list of custom orders: 

Craig & Amy: speckled every day bowls 

Chandler: chrysalis vases for mantle

JeriAnn: large flower vases with wide openings

Monette, Dawn & Melinda: Gift of the Sea Seashell platter 

Mixing bowl for Ashlee

4 woven bowls: Robins mom 

Drew: garden sticks 

Maggie: pedestal bowl

Judy: utensil jar, cream & sugar jars

Virginia: green & speckled spoon rest

Nancy: 7 gratitude shells 

Drew & Des & Tanelle: Sourdough bread bowl

Jennifer- 5 memory keepers 

Leslee- curry bowls 

Laura- rhubarb drippy mugs