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Hyacinth ceramics

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A little reminder throughout your day to "feed thy soul". 

As a mama, I'm constantly in my kitchen, preparing and cooking food to nourish my little ones. I'm giving them sustenance for their physical bodies and nurturing love for their souls throughout the day. I used to feel like I was asked to just give, give, give as a mama. Till I felt burnt out, and sometimes resented time spent with my children. I want to come from a place of abundance so I can give my children the best version of myself. I am first a mama. But I am also an artist, a disciple of Christ, a traveler, a chocolate enthusiast, a lover of books, a need to dance in the kitchen...amongst other things! When I take time to fill any of those other roles, I feel like I am a whole human, and in turn a better mama and able to love my children more freely and deeply. Sometimes feeding my soul is intentional play time with my children, sometimes its a morsel of dark chocolate during their nap time, maybe watching the sunset and taking time to see the colors while walking to get the mail, laughing with my husband, playing games as a family, time spent in the studio...whatever it is, find it and fill your sould with goodness. Feeding your soul is just as important as feeding your body, FEED YOUR SOUL!!!

These spoons are beautifully made, the wood grain is lovely. They're not full-size mixing spoons, almost a taste-tester. They're perfect for a salt or sugar jar, little hands or spices. 

Spoon sizes: 

1 double dip: 9.1'' x 1.6''

2 classic: 7.9'' x 1.4''

3 square handle: 9.1'' x 1.6''

4- rounded handle: 7.5'' x 1.5''


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