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Hyacinth ceramics

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Natural. Earthy. Calming. Minimal. Speckled. Half-dipped. All good things. That's what this vessel is and how your life will be with this vessel in your home.

I adore these speckled vases, how the raw black speckled clay feels next to the smooth creamy alabaster matte finish. This piece has gone through the creative process of being hand thrown, hand-sculpted, trimmed, fired in a kiln, glazed, fired in a kiln once more.

Due to the nature of handmade ceramics, each piece is unique and there may be small imperfections. A few of the vessels have toasty marks from the kiln firings. It doesn't impact the integrity of the vessel, only visual reminders that it's handmade & an original piece of art.

- Handmade, wheel thrown in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Vessel 1: approximately 9''

Vessel 2: approximately 8.5''

Vessel 3: approximately 7''

Vessel 4: approximately 8''

Vessel 5: approximately 9''

Vessel 6: approximately 7.75''

Vessel 7: approximately 8.75''

Vessel 8: approximately 7''

Vessel 9: approximately 8.25''



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